About MEC Communication

Middle East Communications Corporation (MEC) is a regional services firm with a global affiliation providing and serving the Middle East region with communications solutions. We are actively perusing licenses in several parts of the Middle East to launch a one-stop-shop for reliable, cost-effective communications and information services and solutions.
The company is a member of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), and a partner with the largest of network providers in the world. We are supported by world class technological backing to provide a reliable, continuous and secure connection necessary for such a business.
Our collaborative approach starts with “customer first”, and we strive for long-term relationship that yields mutual benefits. We are backed by the best and up to date know-how on people and telecommunications and information issues.
Our goal is to shape a world-leading environment to attract and nurture leading-edge, and world-class companies; to facilitate knowledge transfer and wealth creation and to build well-mandated value-based highly effective institution with focus on people and telecommunications, our global reach and our customer first approach. We satisfy our customers’ needs by finding real solutions everyday.