Thuraya - Satellite Telecommunications

The Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company operates a (GMPCS) system to nearly one third of the globe, to help meet the need for a low-cost, high-quality voice, data, and fax services. Through its dynamic dual mode handsets and satellite fixed phones, Thuraya enhances connectivity and freedom of movement.
Middle East Communications Corporation (MEC) is a service provider for Thuraya in Jordan and the region since august 2001 with the most reliable and cost effective data communication services.


Providing telecommunications access to those in need where local Public Switched Telephone Networks’ (PSTN) and Public Land Mobile Networks’ (PLMN) fall short of covering.

As such, Thuraya communication services are ideal for frequent travelers who incur large roaming charges, businesses seeking cost effective communications with their regional branches, travel and transport agencies wishing to keep track of their fleet movements, government agencies and diplomatic missions wishing to centralize contact, and families wishing to stay in contact with their loved ones abroad. Moreover, Thuraya bills customers in units, which are pegged at six seconds to avoid charging customers in full minutes for bad connections.

Augmented Product:

Warrantee for handsets sold for a minimum of one year has been the market trend for handsets sold from the main suppliers in Jordan (MEC). We provide two kinds of Thuraya mobiles: Hughes and Ascom, both having the same Features and functions as follows:

  • User Interface with 9 multi-languages supported.
  • Voice over GSM and the Thuraya satellite network Data and Fax at 9600 bps.
  • Short messaging service (SMS) and Supplementary services.
  • Voice Mailbox.
  • Display Talk time in satellite mode is 2.4 hours and in GSM mode is 4 hours (minimum) with Battery level.
  • Standby time in satellite mode is 34.1 hours and in GSM mode is 33.3 hours (minimum).
  • Call cost function.
  • Signal strength display and mode indication.
  • GPS location determination and storage of 25 GPS positions.
  • GPS location transmission via SMS.
  • GPS distance & direction.

We provide two kinds of subscriptions: Postpaid and Prepaid:

  1. Postpaid Subscriptions:
    : Monthly bills
    Fees: One time activation fee, Monthly fee.
    Features: Convenience of paying later, Full Features of thuraya phone, Roaming facility-sending and receiving calls, unlimited usage.
  2. Prepaid Subscriptions:
    Description: Top up the account and extend account validity through airtime refill “scratch” card.
    Fees: Once activation fee. Account validity for 3 months.
    Features: No monthly bills, Budget control, Roaming facility. roaming in GSM for receiving calls just For 25 cent.

Middle East Communications delivers these products and services through its close-knit business teams and service units, who all work hand-in-hand focused on delivering to the client.

Thuraya Customer Profile:

  • Baghdad Security Services
  • Banking & Financial Facilities
  • Major Corporate Subscribers
  • Embassies Subscribers
  • European Commission
  • Jordanian Government
  • Hotel & Tourism Subscribers
  • Industrial Subscribers
  • International Journalists
  • Jordanian Armed Forces
  • Medical Service Subscribers
  • Ministries Subscribers
  • Peace Corps
  • U.N. Subscribers