Provides total support, from business strategy planning to network integration, system integration and operation.

The rapid development of new communication and multi-media technologies not only changed the way we live, trade, study, purchase and get informed, but it also generated a whole language of technical terms and explanations which are often difficult to understand - even for the specialists. While you hardly spend one full day without reading or hearing anywhere the words Internet, Information Superhighway, Network or Multi-media, your search for a simple explanation what are the advantages, challenges and benefits of a leased line, a Website, or an Intranet.
The recent information technologies undoubtedly will profit to your enterprise as well, as all fields of activity get stimulating benefits from global communication. Our glossary is intended to help you understand some terms of the "cyber-dialect", but for more detailed explanations please contact us. The specialists at MEC know which are the local conditions, the possible options to link your enterprise to the telecommunication networks, the best way to promote your services locally and internationally, and the best infrastructure to enhance productivity inside your business. They will be glad to discuss with you about the features and advantages of every option, and to pave the way for your access to the information age.